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Der er ingen personlige oplysninger gemt i vores cookies, og de kan ikke indeholde virus.

We don’t store any personal information, and they can’t contain virus

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4. The purpose of cookies on our website:

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6. Personal data

Personal data is never shared with any third-parties, unless you specifically give us permission to do so. We do not store any personal information, unless you have given us that information, by purchasing or participating in a survey etc. You are giving us your information at your own risk.

Personal data is used to complete your purchase or the service, the information has been gathered for.

When processing your personal information, you have under the “Personal Data Protection Act” the right to be informed about which personal data, that can be attributed to you.

In the case that the information stored, are misleading or incorrect, you are entitled, to have them updated or deleted.

Du kan til enhver tid gøre indsigelse mod, at oplysninger om dig gøres til genstand for behandling.

You can at any time, require your personal data removed and deleted.

You can additionally, at any time revoke your permission.

You have the option to complain, regarding the treatment of data and information regarding yourself.

Complaints should be sent to Datatilsynet, jf. persondatalovens § 58, stk. 1.